New York City councilmember Joe Borelli flagged a few of the exceptions from Mayor Bill de Blasio’s new vaccine mandate for indoor venues, sarcastically noting that it “makes total sense” to exempt “fancy singers, their entourages, and productions staff” along with pro athletes who can perform  in the same venues but don’t have to show proof of vaccination:

The New York Post also reported that “Childcare programs, Pre-K-12 public and non-public schools and programs, and Senior centers” are also “not required to bar unvaccinated people”:

And the mayor reiterated today that he will not mandate vaccines for teachers, which means a teacher who isn’t vaccinated can’t go to a restaurant but he or she can teach a bunch of unvaccinated children:

In other words, “That is some BULLS*IT”:

Restaurants, it’s time to fight back:

It’s happening — finally:

And we still don’t know how NYC will handle people who medically cannot be vaccinated:

To be continued. . .