The Expert™ Tom Nichols is really, really mad at this photo of South Dakota Kristi Noem holding an American flag at the Sturgis motorcycle rally because of the Taliban takeover of Kabul. Or something:

He had deleted an earlier tweet but doubled down with this new one.

“A charlatan like Noem riding through a superspreader event with a flag while Kabul falls is America, 2021: Unserious, self-destructive, faux patriotic”:

Maybe Noem listened to Biden’s experts and thought she had 90 days?

Anyway, Nichols then tripled down:

And then he asked us to do a post on it so all of our readers can see what he has to say:

Keep in mind, PRESIDENT Joe Biden is also on vacation today. Shouldn’t Nichols have just a little bit of the same anger toward him?

Political consultant Liz Mair called Biden’s lack of action today “really f*cking bad”:

She thinks he needs to get in front of the cameras right now:

But it’s not just “Rube Goddess Noem” who is unserious. Former President Barack Obama was unserious, too:

However, he wants you to know that he’s not taking a position one way or the other, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯:

But he is sure that the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan is better than a second term of President Donald Trump:

As for how we got here today — other than Noem’s attendance at Sturgis, that is — he writes: