According to the New York Times, the 14-day change in COVID-19 cases in Dukes County, MA (Martha’s Vineyard) has increased from yesterday and is now at +2,050%:

And even though we’re talking about only a handful of cases, via the NYT. . .

An average of 6 cases per day were reported in Dukes County, a 2,050 percent increase from the average two weeks ago. Since the beginning of the pandemic, at least 1 in 12 residents have been infected, a total of 1,502 reported cases. Right now, Dukes County is at a very high risk for unvaccinated people. Read more about risk below.

. . .the local Vineyard Gazette is reporting that a number of businesses have had to close because of the outbreak:

A local health official told the Gazette that the outbreak is among the seasonal employees who often work more than one job, you know, like they work at a restaurant and then help cater large parties with hundreds of unmasked guests as a side gig:

Edgartown health agent Matt Poole said in an interview that the closures were part bad luck, part the unfortunate reality of working in the food service industry on Martha’s Vineyard, where employees often live in close quarters and work in multiple establishments.

“Part of what you’re seeing here are employees working in more than one establishment,” Mr. Poole said. “Employee housing is also a significant complicating factor. The transmission that you’re seeing is often happening in housing, not in the workplace.”

Over to you, Mr. Obama. Any comment?