Just to follow up on this post of ours from earlier today on the trash article Occupy Democrats Executive Editor Grant Stern alleging that Christina Pushaw, Gov. Ron DeSantis’s press secretary, was “set to take a plea deal in the criminal case again her in Maryland for defying whistleblower Rebekah Jones’ interim peace order in Montgomery County, Md.”. . .

. . .it appears that the entire thing was made up.

From National Review’s Charles C.W. Cooke, “Rebekah Jones Invents a New Insane Lie about Ron DeSantis’s Press Secretary”:

You see, Cooke actually called the Montgomery County State’s Attorneys Office and confirmed that Jones “made it all up”:

But this time, Jones enlisted the help of Stern in her little scheme:

“What Jones did here was truly disgusting: She filed a series of false accusations with the state of Maryland so that she then could point to the unresolved cases as if they were evidence”:

And this led to the brand new lie, as reported by Stern, that Pushaw had reached a “plea deal”:

In other words, Grant Stern “just got f*cking nuked from orbit”:

He has since made major changes to his post:

So, which was it?