If there’s one rule in politics, it’s that families and children are off-limits:

But that’s not what happened on Twitter over the weekend after a rumor was floated that Gov. Ron DeSantis’ kids were attending a school that required masks:

But, alas, libs did not heed that warning and now Leon County school board member Rosanne Wood has been forced to apologize for spreading misinformation about the governor’s kids:

DeSantis spox Christina Pushaw called the attacks “appalling” and that they put the kids in danger:

FWIW, a number of school districts are suing DeSantis over his no-mask mandate:

But some districts are openly defying his executive order, like what’s going on in Palm Beach County. The “loophole” is that they will force parents to send in a note that allows the child not to wear a mask:

As for what’s going on in Miami-Dade, Florida’s most populous county, superintendent Alberto Carvalho said he hasn’t yet decided on whether or not to mandate masks in school. . .

. . .but it sure sound like they’re on the way: