It was another bloody weekend in Chicago with at least 67 people shot, 10 fatally including a Chicago police officer:

The officer was later identified as Ella French, only 29-year-old and a new mother:

Just awful:

A second officer is “fighting for his very life“:

The wounded officer has been with the department six years, Brown said. He remained at University of Chicago Medical Center, where he was “fighting for his very life” in critical condition, according to First Deputy Eric Carter, who spoke to reporters outside the hospital early Sunday.

And we’re still learning details about the suspects who’ve been arrested: From the Chicago Tribune:

Brown provided no specifics about the traffic stop, including why the officers stopped the vehicle to begin with. He also said the three suspects collectively don’t have extensive criminal backgrounds. But the alleged shooter, who was believed by police to be a passenger in the vehicle, has a robbery conviction from around 2019. Brown said that case was adjudicated through the court system, and he may have been sentenced to a probationary-type term, but he provided no further details.

A third suspect wanted in the case was arrested Sunday morning, Brown said. She and the two other suspects — one of whom is believed to have shot the officers and was struck by an officer’s gunfire in return — were being questioned by investigators.