The new spin from an anonymous advisor to Gov. Andrew Cuomo is that this “is the first sex scandal in history where there wasn’t any sex”:

Um, “wtfwtfwtfwtf”?

Maybe someone can explain to the governor that the reason it’s not a sex scandal is because it’s a sexual harassment and sexual assault scandal?

And there was plenty of sexual harassment going on, according to the report by AG Tish James:

The NYT’s Maggie Haberman tweeted that his advisors are trying to “downgrade it with the public”:

“If this is what his advisors tell him, no wonder he’s such a s*itshow”:

NYC councilman Joe Borelli added that he’s “not surprised any ‘Cuomo advisor’ would be hesitant to attribute their name to a heinously stupid statement”:

Yeah, this isn’t going over very well:

And Rep. Elise Stefanik reiterated her call for Cuomo’s arrest:

Lock him up!


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