The Clark County School District covering Las Vegas, NV has implemented a new grading policy to create “equity” that eliminates any grade below 50% and will no longer use metrics such as “attendance, participation, & late assignments”:

CCSD says this “is the result of years of work, led by our principals, to ensure students’ grades more accurately reflect current levels of mastery on the academic content standards”:

Update: We missed this detail earlier. And F grade isn’t failing in this policy. It’s called “emergent”:


What a load of bullcrap and it’s another example of the “telling bureaucratic redefinition of education”:

This is clearly just lowering standards in the school:

Of course this is what will happen:

But at least some teachers are expressing concern over the new policy:

From the article:

“This grade change takes behaviors completely out of the question,” Tam Lester, teacher at Del Sol Academy, told 8 News Now. “And it, arguably, at the detriment of the student.”


However, Lester says this new policy takes tools that incentivize students away from teachers and does not instill accountability.

“What they will need is those learner-ready behaviors,” he said, “things like focus, things like participation, things like time management. Some of these policies are taking those away.”


Editor’s note: This post has been updated.