The Washington Post fact-checker gave D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser Four Pinocchios over her “BS spin” claiming she was actually following her own indoor mask mandate despite video evidence clearly showing she was not:

Background here:

The Post’s Glenn Kessler called it “an embarrassing moment for the mayor”:

Now, it’s great that Kessler confirmed the Tiana Lowe’s account, but CNN reporter Kate Bennett was at the wedding and she could have cleared this up days ago:

But instead of clearing it up, Bennett was used by the Washingtonian to discredit Lowe’s reporting:

CNN White House correspondent Kate Bennett, who was in attendance, posted a photo of the outdoor ceremony to her Instagram story on Sunday with the text, “Just so we’re all clear: This is outside.”

Yeah, they were all unmasked outside but for some reason, Bennett didn’t post a single photograph showing individuals in the reception following the new mandate. And instead of reporting, we get this: