Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt threatened to sue a conservative political consultant Alex Bruesewitz after Bruesewitz tweeted on Saturday, “Friendly reminder that the Lincoln Project’s Steve Schmidt was involved in covering up the sexual predatory behavior of his dear friend and founding partner, John Weaver”:

Schmidt responded, saying “None of that is true” and “It is a smear made by men like you because I oppose Trump. I look forward to your retraction and the legal costs I am about to impose on you. I hope they break you. Trust me when I say this. You will publicly apologize”:

Glenn Greenwald predicted, however, that “Schmidt would never do it because the discovery it would allow would be *spectacular*”:


Mike Cernovich added, “File the lawsuits big boy”:

Attorney Will Chamberlain noted that this could be costly . . . for Schmidt:

And Ryan Girdusky, who broke the original story, says he’s working on more: