Florida Dem gubernatorial candidate Nikki Fried wrongly stated that hospital admissions in the state due to COVID-19 are “worse than the worst last year”:

Here’s what’s really going on, via Gov. Ron DeSantis spox Christina Pushaw:

This is a lie. The worst day for COVID hospitalizations was last year, July 22, 2020 — before vaccines were available. Now with most adults in Florida vaccinated, we aren’t “worse off” than we were last year, unless @NikkiFried is saying the vaccines don’t work? Irresponsible.”

Yes, cases are up in Florida but the largest public hospital in Florida is reporting hospitalizations at about half what they were at the worst of it a year ago, confirming Pushaw’s tweet:

And you can’t go by cases in the state any longer as a metric anyway. Cases, which have surged 40x in this example, have not been followed by a massive number of deaths:

The truth matters:

But it’s not only Fried getting called out for lying. Here’s Pushaw going after the Orlando Sentinel for this incorrect headline:

There’s even video. The Sentinel could have titled that article, “DeSantis Pushes Vaccinations”:

Do better, media: