Bill Kristol is pretty psyched for Democrats to run as pro-vaccine in 2022 and “hang the anti-vaxx movement around the neck of every Republican running for office in 2022”:

This is problematic for two reasons.

1. Former President Trump is likely going to bring up at EVERY rally in 2022 how it was his administration that developed the vaccine and candidates will embrace it:

2. This leaves out all the Dem-voting union members who are refusing to get the jab:

For example, Disney is mandating vaccines for all their employees EXCEPT for the union members:

And for months Dems have accused Tucker Carlson or Fox News of spreading vaccine hesitancy but this leaves out all the people talking to first responders and medical workers they know and then deciding not to get it yet:

This teacher union in San Francisco is also against a mandated vaccine:

And we’re starting to hear federal unions push back as well:

In California, Gov. Gavin Newsom is in a real battle in the upcoming recall election. Should he take Kristol’s advice and go all-in on a vaccine mandate for his big SEIU union supporters?

It’s the same in New York City, although without the election pressure in California:

Anti-vax was never red vs. blue, and now they’re having to face it.