The CDC is using this new study on an outbreak of COVID-19 in Provincetown, Mass in July to justify the new mask guidance, but get this — White House Deputy Press Secretary Chris Meagher thinks that this Washington Post headline on that data is “scary sounding,” noting that only four people went to the hospital and zero died.

In other words, the CDC issued new mask guidance in spite of only four people getting hospitalized and zero dying? What is happening?

But he’s not alone. Here’s Media Matters’s Matthew Gertz calling out the Post as well:

And the media strikes again:

Alternative headline: “Only 4 vaxxed ppl were hospitalized”:

And zero people died:

Keep in mind, Twitter is now helping spread the panic:

Do you expect them to do math?

Well, it’s not like we’re 18 months into a pandemic or anything like that where having journos that understand basic statistics is something that might be important: