NBC News has a new article out titled, “Breakthrough Covid cases are on the rise among the vaccinated” and this is how the tweet looks if you share the article to Twitter from NBCNews.com:

The subhead for the article is, “The 125,682 ‘breakthrough’ cases in 38 states represent less than .08 percent of the 164.2 million-plus people fully vaccinated since January.”

Now, check out how NBC News’s Ken Dilanian spun it by using just half of that subhead that ignores the most important part:

Denominators. How do they work?

NBC News’s Allan Smith tweeted it out a more accurate version:

But Gary Grumbach, another NBC News journo, added the death number without context, making him bad at math and a hack:

It’s like a “Choose your own adventure!”

And we can’t wait until journos go one step further and calculate the chance of death: