We regret to inform you that Texas Democrats have found a way to make their little trip to D.C. to avoid having to vote on new voting legislation back home even dumber.

Care packages? Really? Because there’s no place in D.C. to buy Dr Pepper or salsa or anything else on this list?

It’s a dumb stunt, and insulting:

Maybe they should’ve packed more essentials instead of the Miller Lite?

It’s impossible to tell what’s satire and what’s not any longer:

Why can’t these Texas Dems just go to the store like regular people?

It’s “D.C., not Venezuela”:

And, note, they’re still getting a $221/day per diem:

And what’s the carbon footprint of mailing soda from Texas to D.C.?

“They can have all their basic needs met when they go back to Texas and get sent to jail”: