Twitchy favorite Mary Katharine Ham was on CNN this morning where she dropped some ABSOLUTE TRUTH BOMBS on libs and the media over their “fangirling” of Dr. Anthony Fauci.


Transcript here:

Well, I don’t think it’s entirely a game. I think it’s that Fauci is a very powerful public official who deserves and rarely gets tough questioning in almost any realm. He gets frankly a lot of fangirling and a lot of just sort of forum for his ideas and he doesn’t get a lot of pushback. Senator Paul understood the assignment here. He’s asking about a tough subject that admittedly none of us are experts on, but I would like to know a lot more about. And despite his protestations, tough questions for Dr. Anthony Fauci are not attacks on science itself. This is something we should talk about.

Further, Fauci has something to do with the numbers on his own level of trustworthiness. He has at least twice — and I will be gentle — in saying, at least shaded the truth about his Covid pronouncements based on his own judgment on what the public can handle. Now, you might think those shadings of the truth were noble, for instance saying that masks were not particularly efficient for helping protection back in the beginning of the pandemic so that they can be in greater supply for health workers that the end result was okay. But it did seed distrust of him with good reason. He also has admitted saying that when it came to herd immunity, he looked at polling to base his statements on much herd immunity would be the threshold we needed.

These two instances are just facts. [crosstalk] Hold on, those are just facts. And it is an issue that a very powerful public figure was found to be shading the truth about these things. And it is a reason people have come to distrust him.

She “nailed it”!

And the looks on their faces? Priceless:

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