Twitter suspended Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for 12 hours over a pair of alleged “misleading” tweets on COVID-19 vaccines:

She faces a permanent ban for continued violations:

The Daily Mail posted screengrabs of the tweets which are no longer visible on her timeline:

One of the tweets was a quote-tweet of her colleague, Rep. Thomas Massie that said, “The controversial #COVID19 vaccines should not be force on our military for a virus that is not dangerous for non-obese people and those under 65” and “With 6,000 vax related deaths and many concerning side effects reported, the vax should be a choice not a mandate for everyone”:

The other one was a response to Dr. David Samadi who tweeted, “In the United Kingdom, 47% of new Covid cases are vaccinated people.”

Green tweeted, “This is why no entity should force NON-FDA approved vaccines or masks. Instead help people protect their health by defeating obesity, which will protect them from covid complications & death, and many other health problems”:

She was actually about to go on air with Newsmax when she learned of the decision: