Luke Harding with the Guardian has a new story up this morning alleging that leaked documents from the Kremlin in 206 “appear to show #Russia’s plot to put a ‘mentally unstable’ Donald Trump into the White House”:

And it’s already being spun as 100% factually:

They don’t remember getting burned the last time?

Apparently not:

Anyway, there are many reasons to be cautious about this latest alleged leak:

Yet, “after all this time, people are just uncritically sharing stuff like this without pausing for even a second to consider even the possibility that it might be Russian disinformation”:

But not everyone. . .

Johns Hopkins professor Thomas Rid is urging caution:

There *is* a lot of hedging going on:


Glenn Greenwald points out in this must-read thread that the author, Luke Harding, is also the who has “published many false stories, championed the Steele Dossier, and claimed Trump was long a Russian agent”:

Just, wow. We’ll go on record right now that this turns out to be complete BS.