Pop-star Olivia Rodrigo, who was born in Southern California, is headed to the White House today to meet with President Biden and talk up the need for her generation to get the COVID-19 vaccine:

Her trip coincides with a surge in cases in Los Angeles:

But if the White House is looking for Los Angeles-based stars to promote a pro-vaccine message, why not target Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James? As outspoken as he is on politics, he’s been quiet on the COVID-19 vaccine:

He would be an asset in this fight:

And it would be helpful if the Dems and the media stopped focusing only on Republican areas when talking about vaccine hesitancy:

But, alas. Freedom in Hong Kong and vaccines aren’t his concern right now:

He’s got a movie to promote which he does have time for though:

Is there any doubt that if James were a Republican, EVERY Dem would be calling him out right now?