Just when you think it can’t get any more cringe for Texas Dems, it gets more cringe.

Here they are attempting to sing “We Shall Overcome” at a press conference during their vacation in D.C., but it’s pretty clear they don’t know the words.

Have a watch:


It’s not, “We will overcome,” guys:

No wonder they’re not exactly getting the welcome they thought they should get:

And maybe that’s because it’s really hard to understand the difference between what Texas House Dems are doing and what Republicans are doing in the U.S. Senate?

But for Matthew Dowd, only one of these legislative tactics to prevent the majority from passing a bill is bad though:

He does want to get rid of the filibuster:

Would he be okay with instituting Texas House rules in the U.S. Senate?

But they’ll continue with the facade:


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