The New York Post reported that “nearly a third of workers at the city’s elder care facilities have still not gotten a jab — and at 16 of the city’s homes less than half are vaccinated, state Health Department records reveal”:

And this has Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera calling for some major restrictions on those who are not vaccinated.

“No Vaccine, no work, no school, no in-person shopping,” he tweeted. “You have a right not to be vaccinated. I have the right to protect my kids”:

This would mean showing a vaccine passport EVERYWHERE, which is something Rivera is in favor of:

And “it really doesn’t matter if you don’t like the idea because businesses, colleges, airlines, cruise liners, etc. are going to require them,” he tweeted back in March:

We expect we’ll hear more calls for mandatory vaccines not that we’ve reached the point where, as Jim Geraghty notes, there’s not longer any “low-hanging fruit”:

It’s already happening in France, for example:

If you have the time to read all the translations, this thread on why Macron’s scheme won’t work is a good read: