Former Trump-era Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams ripped into CNN’s Jake Tapper and Dr. Anthony Fauci on Sunday over a segment in which they criticized the vaccine hesitancy on display at CPAC.

I love Dr. Fauci, and I have great respect for @jaketapper – yet I still don’t understand the endgame for blame and shame discussions like this, Adams tweeted. “Did a single vaccine hesitant person look at this and change their mind? Did a single one see this and become more entrenched?”

Fauci called the clip from CPAC “horrifying.” Watch for yourself:

And have you noticed that this really only goes one way? LeBron James, for example, mostly gets a pass for taking a back seat on vaccines:

And it should be bipartisan. Politico reported last week on vaccine hesitancy in the Black community:

But, instead, Tapper and Fauci do another segment to mock the conservatives:

Admas went on to say that the way he heard the segment is that “Tapper and Fauci think we’re idiots”: