The CDC announced on Friday that students and teachers/staff who are vaccinated do not have to wear masks when school returns in-person this fall:

They’re just guidelines, of course:

But we KNOW how it’s going to go, right? For over a year, we’ve been lectured to “Follow the science!” And now that the CDC is saying something libs won’t like. . .

We’re already seeing that in California:

Yeah, it’s not going to happen:

The panic-porn pushers are already at it, too:

And he’s telling parents to make their own filters for classrooms:

Reminder: *HIS* kids are at a private school in Austria:

As for the science, we have numbers out of the UK on just how safe it is to open schools in the pandemic:

Over to you, America:

The CDC did recommend weekly tests for the unvaccinated, however:



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