Mollie Hemingway is triggering all the right people with this mini-thread on the “people who call a few-hour riot at the Capitol by unarmed protesters an ‘insurrection.”

They are “bad people who are harming the country,” she argues. “PARTICULARLY so if they don’t use term for the months-long violent, coordinated attacks on White House, federal courthouses, small businesses, etc.”:

She’s “infinitely more terrified of powerful people calling the riot an “insurrection” and rewriting reality as a ploy to seize unlimited/unaccountable power and brutally oppress their political opponents than I am of Mr. Buffalo Head or Grandma-in-the-Rotunda, or Mr. Feet on Desk”:

And, “to call it “deadly” after spending months brazenly lying that protesters killed a cop while downplaying the fact that the only killing was of an unarmed protester by a still-anonymous cop is … peak propaganda”:

Yes, Brian, she was talking about you:

Keep it up, Mollie: