An op-ed from the parent of a graduate of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, Virginia, ranked the No. 1 public high school in America, is accusing administrators of purging Asian-American students over a lack of diversity at the school:

You see, Asian-Americans are the “wrong kind of minority for school officials”:

Mission accomplished?

And this drop isn’t because “they’re less qualified; it’s dropping because the school has rejiggered the process to make race a factor in the decisions”:

This is insane:

And it’s happening elsewhere, too. “It’s up to parents to draw a line in the sand”:

Our battle in northern Virginia is not just a local dispute between parents and school administrators at one high school. The use of race in K-12 school admissions is part of a much wider national campaign by education officials intoxicated by the fashionable ideology of critical race theory taking it upon themselves to undermine the meritocratic system of achievement at schools from San Francisco to New York City and Boston. Under the cover of fighting against discrimination and injustice, they’re launching a new era of discrimination and injustice. It’s up to parents to draw a line in the sand against this abuse of power.

Well, not just parents. Where’s the DOJ on this obvious racism?