NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio warned New Yorkers yesterday to cut electricity usage to “avoid energy disruptions during this heat emergency”:

“Omfg” is right:

But thousands of New Yorkers did lose power despite this plea to conserve electricity:

Maybe Times Square could turn off a few lights? Just a thought:

And we would like to point out that New Yorkers VOTED FOR THIS. Gov. Andrew Cuomo, keeping a campaign promised, celebrated the closure of the Indian Point nuclear power plant two months ago:

“Stay cool, New York,” tweeted Gov. Cuomo. Just do it without electricity:

And you can forget about wind power helping right now:

This was all so predictable. This editor back in 2016, for example:

City Councilman Joe Borelli wants to know how the city made up for those now-missing megawatts:

“Seriously . . .where is the power coming from”?:

He tweeted the answer a few hours later. It’s coming from fuel, natural gas and coal:

Great job, Dems! You’ve replaced clean-burning energy with dirty energy and it costs more yet is still not enough.

Maybe keep this in mind when you vote for governor next time?