The New York City Board of Elections admitted a major eff up last night in regard to the results of the mayoral primary that used ranked-choice voting for the first time.

“We are aware there is a discrepancy in the unofficial RCV round by round elimination report and “[we] ask the public, elected officials and candidates to have patience,” they tweeted:

But they tweeted this AFTER releasing results that showed Eric Adams’ lead evaporating:

Adams questioned those early results, which earned the scorn of the blue-check brigade:

You, see, “STOP THE STEAL!” is okay when Dems do it:

Apparently, the BOE counted 130,000 test votes and they will re-run the numbers:

Full statement from the BOE:

But the problem could be worse than that, as Dave Wasserman points out:

CNN is calling it “chaos”:

Will AG Merrick Garland investigate NYC, too?

And even under the best circumstances, we won’t know a winner for quite some time:

Former President Trump released a statement this morning saying “[t]he fact is, based on what has happened, nobody will ever know who really won” and he called for new election “the old-fashioned way, when we had results that were accurate and meaningful”: