Retired 4-star general and MSNBC/NBC contributor Barry McCaffrey wants Tucker Carlson fired because the Fox News host dared to criticize Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley on his show earlier this week:

Um, that’s not how it works:

“Says it all”:

“We don’t live in a military dictatorship, but a retired general demanding the firing of a TV host because of that host’s free speech opinion sure sounds close”:

Where was McCaffrey when libs were attacking *these* public officials who served?

And wait until McCaffrey sees what people say about Gen. Michael Flynn:

“We don’t live in China, sir”:

It’s just not how it works:

Let this be a teaching moment:

He really does have a problem here:

Maybe MSNBC and NBC should fire him for calling a public official “stupid”?

“I think we should talk that way about public officials far more often”:

And, finally, it’s “Columbia” not “Colombia”: