Christopher Rufo took to Twitter in an effort to fact-check Joy Reid after his bonkers interview on MSNBC we to you about last night.

First up, here’s the interview ICYMI:

And now for the fact-check:

But buckle up, because it’s an “a** whooping of facts”:


“1. Reid claimed that critical race theory isn’t taught in schools. This is a supreme gaslight. I’ve personally documented more than a dozen school districts that teach the principles of critical race theory, from “intersectionality” to “spirit murder.”:

“2. Reid claimed that intersectionality is not related to critical race theory. That would be a surprise to Kimberlé Crenshaw, who coined the term “critical race theory” and invented the concept of “intersectionality.” Even Vox knows the truth”:

“3. Reid claimed that critical whiteness studies isn’t related to critical race theory. In reality, it’s an important subfield of critical race theory, and—surprise, surprise—the authors of the introductory textbook on CRT also wrote the introductory textbook on CWS”:

“4. Reid claimed that critical race theory doesn’t teach that all white people are racist. But critical race theorist Barbara Applebaum and critical whiteness studies professor Robin DiAngelo say it out loud: “all white people are racist”; “White identity is inherently racist.”:

“5. Reid claimed that ethnic studies has nothing to do with critical race theory. But EdSource recently published an article pointing out that “ethnic studies without critical race theory is not ethnic studies.” It’s even an official field of study at many colleges.”:

“6. Reid claimed that critical pedagogy isn’t related to critical race theory. In reality, critical race theory, like the original neo-Marxism, has two components: theory and praxis. Critical race theory is the theory and critical pedagogy is the praxis, or how it’s implemented.”:

And in summary:

And keep it up!

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