As we told you on Wednesday, President Biden is going after people who “willfully falsify a record” in order to obtain a gun:

Oh, really? Like what Hunter Biden is accused of in his application for a gun in 2018?

From former Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy who wrote that “Hunter Biden should be charged for lying on his gun application“:

The purpose of the law is to prevent lethal weapons from falling into the hands of people who are unstable or dangerous. Thus, some of the disqualifications deal with criminal and similarly suspect behavior, such as prior convictions and dishonorable discharge from the armed forces, while others deal with conditions of instability and mental disturbance, such as narcotics abuse and mental-disability adjudications.

And notice what happened in Hunter’s case. He did not reveal his history of drug abuse, he got the gun, and he handled it negligently, to the point, according to reports, that his then-girlfriend found it in a car and carelessly sought to dispose of it in the trash bin of a
local store — obviously, because she was concerned about the dangerous potential of his having it.

Or is there an “except Hunter Biden” clause in the president’s new directive?

And this *should* be asked about by multiple journos today at the White House daily briefing, but we won’t hold our breath:

Protect the prince!