Former NYPD captain and possible NJ resident Eric Adams leads AOC-endorsed Maya Wiley in the first round of voting in the Dem primary for NYC mayor with NYC COVID-19 food czar Kathryn Garcia close behind:

Adams is close to what could be “an insurmountable lead,” but as this is NYC’s first try at ranked-choice voting, anything could happen:

Curtis Silwa won on the GOP side:

Twitter hardest hit?

Adams also kicked a number of reporters out of his victory party. From Politico journo David Freedlander, one of the reporters who pointed out that Adams might live in New Jersey and not that basement Brooklyn apartment as he says:

Author and independent journo Ross Barkan was given the boot as well:

Enjoy your new mayor, journos:

It looks like they missed quite the party, too:

And although it looks like the least liberal candidate won for mayor, progressives saw victories in other races: