“Montana” is trending this morning thanks to this story last night on Anderson Cooper’s show on allegations that Arizona voter data has been sent to cabin/lab in rural Montana by one of the contractors involved with the Maricopa county audit:

Except, this is old news. The Arizona Republic’s Jen Fifield broke the story two weeks ago:

And the Twitter account for the audit responded to the allegations on June 4:

Of note, CNN missed that the policy manual linked to by the audit Twitter account in defense of their data practices appears to have been copied from a Policies and Procedures Manual created by the Department of Justice:

Anyway, if you don’t have time to watch the entire segment, you can read this thread from Fifield where it certainly appears that CNN lifted her investigative work and packaged it for air without any credit:

Just remember this one the next time Brian Stelter or anyone else at CNN is preaching about the importance of local newspapers.




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