Former White House counsel Don McGahn has been trending all day thanks to this New York Times article by Michael Schmidt and Charlie Savage reporting that the “DOJ secretly subpoenaed Apple for personal info” of McGahn “and his wife in Feb ’18” and that the DOJ “barred Apple from telling them” about it at the time:

But this tweet from co-author Charlie Savage caught our eye: “Caution: You can’t conclude from the fact that McGahn was intentionally targeted,” which could make this the biggest “NEVER MIND!” report of the year:

Just wow:

And it appears that not on this story but the earlier one about subpoenas targeting Adam Schiff is blowing up, too, as predicted by @pwnallthethings: “It’s going to be something astronomically dumb like FBI investigating a staffer who had phoned some congressmen and FBI asked Apple for subscriber info for all the numbers he called which has then morphed into a story about spying on said congressman”:

“OMG it really is that”:

Time for some “painful corrections”:

And from law professor Orin Kerr:


And more from Kerr here: