Jewish journalist Ever Barlow wrote a piece on how awful it is to be targeted on social media, specifically on how people keep calling her “Eve Fartlow”:

Via Tablet:

I don’t know who crafted the first tweet that simply said “Eve Fartlow,” but whoever it was—bot or human—started a fire. Over the past two weeks, Twitter has been littered with the words “Eve Fartlow.” Every time I tweet, this title is the response I attract, and it is pelted at me irrespective of what I write. Hundreds of trolls, some with blue ticks and some without, just start responding to me “Eve Fartlow” (some people have recently switched it to “Eve Shartlow” but “Eve Fartlow” seems to be the one that sticks). If we donated a JNF tree to Israel for every time someone tweeted “Eve Fartlow,” there’d be no Negev left.

And in response to this heartfelt essay on targeted harassment on social media, hundreds of blue-checks tweeted “Eve Fartlow.” Some examples:

Actor and Twitchy regular Seth Rogen responded as well and as classy as ever:

In case you didn’t know it, that’s the fart emoji:

The blue-check digital pogrom even got “Eve Fartlow” trending last night:

You see, when you’re a Jewish journalist Twitter just lets it happen:

And here’s Eve’s response to the hate: