Actor and former wrestler John Cena is under fire over this awful video he posted begging China to forgive him after he referred to Taiwan as a country during an interview promoting the latest “Fast & Furious” film:

Wow, this is an awful look. Transcript of the “hostage video” here:

“You must understand that I really, love, really respect China and the Chinese people.”

According to Wikipedia, he learned to speak Mandarin in 2016:

Cena started learning Mandarin Chinese in 2016 to help the WWE expand its reach, and he spoke in Mandarin at a press conference in China.[414][415] He also revealed in April 2018 that he learned to play the piano.[416]

Cena deserves every bit of this dragging:

What a coward:

Oscar-worthy, even:

Sen. Tom Cotton called the video, “pathetic”:

And he’s a “tool for commie propaganda”:

So, did someone order him to do it?

This is not supposed to be how it goes: