In 2020, the Washington Post suggested that the vault Simone Biles had planned for the upcoming Summer Olympics — a Yurchenko double pike — was just too dangerous for her to try in competition:

From back then:

Widely considered the best gymnast of all time, Biles tweeted “2020” along with eyes emojis and a question mark, letting others consider the possibility of seeing this vault in competition. Will Biles actually perform this skill at the Tokyo Olympics or in other events this season? Probably not. But that mere chance, and the potential she showed in the video, will fuel discussions about Biles’s dominance in this sport.

The vault has never been attempted in competition before, that is, by a woman:

Well, it’s a good thing Biles didn’t listen to the Post on this one. Here she is completing a Yurchenko double pike in training today:

Here’s another angle:

And on to Tokyo!



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