Here’s the latest on the ongoing audit of votes in Maricopa County, Arizona. . .

First up, we’re on Day 3 of a standoff between the state Senate GOP and the county over the computer routers they say are necessary to accurately audit the vote:

The county, however, disagrees and thinks giving the routers to the auditors is too great a security risk:

Subpoenas could come today to force the issue:

As for the pace of the audit, it’s still going slowly with only a little over 300,000 of the 2.1 million ballots or so counted:

The plan is to start the audit up again on May 24 when the facility is vacant again:

One issue has been staffing the audit properly that they hope to address:

Auditors are also reportedly investigating the “Hammer and Scorecard” conspiracy theory:

Details here:

One other ongoing issue is the rift between state Senate liaison Ken Bennett and the @ArizonaAudit Twitter account which he just can’t seem to rein in:

Bennett is talking about tweets like this:

But, he’s still trying:

And the count goes on: