New reporting from the New York Times found — not surprisingly — that when you actually tell people the vaccine works and they can get back to normal, they are more willing to get the jab:

With that said, White House COVID coordinator Jeff Zients took the opposite approach during an interview with Jake Tapper on Sunday and repeatedly refused to answer just why President Joe Biden insists on wearing a mask while inside surrounding only by other vaccinated people:

There’s nothing scientific about this. Nothing:

Watch for yourself:


“This type of messaging is effectively anti-vax propaganda at this point”:

“Rely on science” was always just “culture war signaling and flattery”:

“It’s a schtick now” and we are done with it:

But Biden does have his defenders, like true conservative George Conway:

What Conway leaves out is that his condition already exists in the White House and Biden should not be wearing a mask:

“You really have become a Democrat”: