If you thought the hit job on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis by “60 Minutes” was bad, take a look a this “SCOOP” in the DC Politico Playbook today.

Apparently, some anonymous former staffers do not like the governor which is just unheard of in the history of former staffers and their bosses:

And these “scarred” staffers have formed a “support group”:

Well, there’s a reason they’re “former” staffers, right?

Quoting from Politico, “DeSantis treats staff like expendable widgets”:

LOL. This makes us like him MORE, not less;

Dana Loesch agrees:

Won’t someone shed a tear for these political operatives?

But wait, it gets better. . .

DeSantis reportedly has such a hatred of meetings set up by his expendable widgets that they have to trick him to attend by serving cupcakes:

That’s it? That’s all they got on him?

He’s doomed!

Or not.