It’s been a few days now since this tweet we told you about on Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg talking up trains as the “common sense option,” but it’s still got “choo choo Twitter” going strong:

But it’s so much fun to poke them?

Here’s the latest tweet from Sean Trende at Real Clear Politics that pissing them off:

“Choo choo Twitter” is like watching an angry puppy:

But keep dreaming, libs:

Maybe, and that’s a big maybe, some regional lines would make sense:

But there’s probably not enough demand for regional lines to make a buck:

It’s time to face facts!

But don’t take our word for it. Listen to the CEO of Amtrak:

Yes, a lot of money is going to rail travel, but the vast majority of it is going to upgrade the existing infrastructure in places where rail travel already makes sense:

In a recent interview with TIME, Flynn said his first priority is expanding passenger service to new cities, while also assessing and repairing existing infrastructure—primarily along the vital Northeast Corridor, which runs between Washington, D.C., through New York City and up to Boston and carried 12.5 million passengers in 2019. Flynn says about half of the $80 billion would go toward long-overdue repairs of century-old infrastructure along that route, like the East River Tunnel, Hudson River Tunnel, and the Susquehanna River Bridge. The rest would be used to expand intercity passenger rail service and repair infrastructure outside of the Northeast Corridor.

And as for their dreams of “true high-speed rail”? Forget about it:

But true high-speed rail isn’t on the table for Amtrak, which is in desperate need of basic repairs and other investments before major upgrades are possible.


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