We target Vox A LOT, but this could be their worst take yet, and that’s saying something. Did they not watch the same video we did?!?

Why didn’t the cop offer to make the girls a sandwich? From Vox:

Inside the house, I did not yell, nor did I order the teens to drop their weapons. Instead, I asked whether they wanted something to eat. Confused and suddenly distracted by me, neither responded, but when I walked over to the kitchen and started making them food, they followed me.

As I made them sandwiches, I asked them to help me with tasks, such as working together to set the table. I initially had them talk directly to me and not to each other. After a few minutes, both teens had left their weapons on the counter and were helping. Once emotions were regulated, we talked through the initial issue and resolved it, making a plan with the foster mom and my clinical supervisor about what to do should this happen again in the future.

Bryant was literally swinging her knife at another girl. At what point could deescalation even happen?

Keep in mind, two deputies were just shot on a wellness check that Vox says we should send mental-health experts to:

What’s insane here is that the cop, again literally, saved the other girl’s life and the Left doesn’t even acknowledge it:

Really, Vox, do better:



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