There was a little drama on Friday at the ongoing audit of votes in Maricopa County, Ariz. after Ryan Randazzo, a reporter for, tweeted out this photo of former GOP Rep. Anthony Kern reviewing ballots:

Kern was a backer of the #StopTheSteal movement after the election:

And he was in D.C. on January 6:

Randazzo tweeted that he was escorted out shortly after he posted the photo:

The account set up by State Senate Republicans later tweeted that he violated an agreement and tweeted out an unblurred photo of the ballot:

But State Senate President Karen Fann added that journos were not supposed to zoom in on faces as well:

This, however, is disrupted:

Also, State Sen. Ken Bennett reportedly said Kern “would only be a volunteer observer and wouldn’t be counting votes”:

As for the audit itself, the GOP chair of the Maricopa County Board appeared to have backtracked on his support of the process:

And in other news, the auditors have completed their review of the voting machines:

Although it’s not exactly clear what’s going on:

The county will now have to recertify the machines at the expense of the Senate GOP:

And the hand count of the ballots continues:


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