There’s a new “heart-stopping” dispatch out this morning on the COVID-19 situation in India by New York Times South Asia bureau chief Jeffrey Gettleman that’s going viral right now:

Gettleman writes:


But there’s one paragraph in there that needs to be challenged.

Gettleman, writing on the “double-mutant” variant that’s spreading in India right now, quotes “some we have spoken to” saying “they had been vaccinated twice and still got seriously ill”:

Um, we need a lot more detail on this one:

Were the NYT’s science desk editors okay with this language?

Because “some we have spoken to” isn’t good enough. Details, please:

As for what the science says at this moment in time, this particular variant is stopped by vaccines:

So, if what the NYT says is happening is really happening, that’s contrary to all the media reporting on it:

It’s also contrary to what Dr. Anthony Fauci just said about vaccines and variants, and that includes the Indian vaccine COVAXIN:

More info here:

So, who do we trust?