ABC 4 reporter Jason Nguyen personally visited the home of a Utah paramedic who donated $10 to the legal defense fund of Kyle Rittenhouse to “get the paramedics [sic] side of things”:

Holy s*it. This could be worse than the time CNN went to the home of a Trump supporter over her Facebook page:

And he did this over a $10 donation?

Just “leave him alone”:

Also, that donation only came to light because the donor data information was hacked:

“Absolutely despicable and indefensible behavior”:

He’s really trying to prove journos are the “enemy of the people” after all:

And we’d like to hear from Twitter on why this information can be tweeted on based on *their* policies:

But we’re not shocked at the lack of consistency:

Not only did he not delete it. . .

. . .he followed it up with a report that now this guy is being investigated by his employer:

In summary, a story with zero news value may now lead to someone losing their job. Well done, everyone: