As we told you earlier, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis made perfect sense this morning when the told people to trust the science that vaccines work and that there’s no need to wear two masks once full vaccinated:

And with that said, fully vaccinated Vice President Kamala Harris was spotted wearing two maks while greeting Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga at the White House on Friday:

President Biden, who is also fully vaccinated, was wearing two masks as well:

What “absolutely horrendous public health messaging”:

What’s even crazier is that HHS promoted this tweet that just showed up in our feed tonight and the guy is only wearing one mask. Can they just please agree on a message already?

And on President Biden’s Twitter page, it’s only one mask:

The Japanese delegation looks to be wearing N95 masks, but only one of those:

From these press photos, it looks like all the Americans are all wearing two masks while the Japanese are only wearing one:

And the confusion continues.