Meet Twitter user @WintersNight18, a “FL to NYC, proud Jewish American Dem making sure the GQP can never try to cancel our country again. No MAGA — no fascism.”

She’s off to “Nazi MAGAritaville” — aka Florida — to visit family. How nice:

And upon arrival, she commented on an alleged lack of mask compliance in the airport.

“Literally just landed in Ft. Lauderdale and I’ve seen more people without a mask on at the airport than I’ve seen in all of NYC this entire pandemic,” she wrote:

Well, for starters, maybe she never actually went outside in NYC in the past year? From June:

And from May:

We could go on and on, but, more importantly, her experience at Fort Lauderdale Airport is not consistent with what others have seen at that same airport:

Even better? As for what she’s alleging on masks, THIS is it? Three guys, who obviously know each other, sitting by themselves with their masks down while they’re eating snacks?

“This is the most Florida s*it ever. Seriously,” she narrates on the video. “The minute you get here and look at them. Like they’re five years old”:

Anyway, there’s someone acting like a five-year-old here that does call for the clown emoji, but it’s not the three guys in the video that’s for sure.


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