White House border coordinator Roberta S. Jacobson is reportedly stepping down at the end of April:

Um, she’s leaving in the middle of the crisis?

All eyes fully on Vice President Kamala Harris now:

She’s saying the plan was that she would always leave at the 100-day mark:

But the NYT says the timing of her move is “nonetheless striking”:

The timing of her departure is nonetheless striking, coming in the middle of the administration’s efforts to reduce the flow of immigration from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. Ms. Jacobson had been charged with leading that effort when her appointment was announced this year.

The plan she and the White House are currently working is for U.S. companies to . . . ship more jobs south of the border? What?

But, TBH, the only thing we remember of her was from her inaugural press conference where she butchered saying “the border is closed” in Spanish:



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