You know, it just might be a problem that “experts” are “scratching their heads” and can’t explain why states that have opened up are seeing declining COVID-19 cases while states still under lockdown and with mask mandates are now seeing their cases (and hospitalizations) skyrocket:

And according to these “experts,” there are a number of things that may be driving it. 1. They say states like Texas aren’t testing enough people and are missing cases. 2. COVID-19 fatigue. 3. Many in places that are open and have declining cases have a number of people who already have coronavirus antibodies. 4. Young people are acting as carriers and they’re infecting the more vulnerable. And 5. there’s a “false sense of security” in the south and cases will, eventually, increase.

Watch for yourself:

What’s great about the first one is that it’s straight out of the Trump playbook:

And we’re not sure how accurate it is anyway:

And WTF are they talking about with that “rushed to reopen” language? How long should we stay locked-down anyway:

It’s just another example of them moving the goalposts:

One day, these “experts” will have to admit they don’t know what they’re talking about and that they’ve just been guessing all along:

Yep. We need to figure this out before the next pandemic hits:


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