In response to a tweet from Howard Dean we told you about at the end of March, the much-loved-by-libs Twitter account Bad COVID-19 Takes debunked this conspiracy theory popular among libs that Florida is somehow undercounting deaths from the coronavirus:

The account looked at total mortality and found Florida is in the “middle of the pack” and “the numbers aren’t fake”:

Dean has been alerted to his error and still has the tweet up:

Does he really care though?

This IS pretty on-brand for him:

Even crticis of Gov. Ron DeSantis are calling him out:

More here from Zeynep Tufekci who we’ve linked to in the past: 

Her conclusion:

Of course, articles about Florida allegedly covering up excess COVID deaths immediately got shared widely on social media, and most people will never see either a correction or a follow-up article. It’s just the way it works, now.

This isn’t an easy position to dig oneself out of because we all are part of such political groups. I am not even trying to conduct false equivalence here: some falsehoods are worse than others, and at least in the United States, the damage done by the political parties to fighting the pandemic is clearly not equal. But it also seems important to understand how, and why, misinformation, bad science and policy and terrible attitudes are not just a problem over there.