President Joe Biden will announce this morning that “every adult in the US will be eligible for a coronavirus vaccine by April 19”:

Coincidentally, this is right on track with former President Donald Trump’s prediction from last year that the Washington Post said was presented “without evidence”:

From the Washington Post:

President Trump said Friday that every American would have access to a coronavirus vaccine by April, contradicting his own statement of two days earlier and sowing deeper confusion about the process and timing of vaccine approval and distribution.

When Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Robert Redfield said earlier in the week that the general public was unlikely to get access to a vaccine until the second and third quarters of 2021, echoing other scientific leaders in the administration, Trump said he’d misspoken.

“I think he made a mistake with that statement,” Trump said Wednesday. “When he said it, I believe he was confused. I’m just telling you we’re ready to go.”

Trump then said a vaccine would be ready in weeks and swiftly made available, despite the fact that no one knows yet when sufficient data will be collected from clinical trials to show that one of the vaccines in late-stage trials is effective or safe.

Or, just maybe, President Trump “knew what he was talking about” and wasn’t too scared to say what the experts were telling him was possible even though they didn’t want that share publicly?


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